About Odièle

  Discovered in Nature, Cultivated on the Runway

 Throughout over 20 years as a makeup artist for the fashion industry, Marie-Josée developed an intimate knowledge of complexion and skin. Working daily with models for runway shows and editorial shoots, she noticed over time that many of the synthetic-heavy skincare regimens they—and she— were following, were doing more harm than good. Looking back to the simple yet effective beauty routines of her grandmother ~after whom Odièle is named~ it occurred to Marie-Josée that when it comes to skin, perhaps less is more. 

Backing up her experience in beauty with four years of research and testing within the fashion community, Marie-Josée chose to leave behind traditional pharmaceutical skincare, and put her trust back in nature. Odièle was developed through an ongoing collaboration with the models she works with, resulting in a fully organic skincare line that is innovative, unique, and highly effective. Using meticulously selected, ultra-rich active botanicals from around the world. It comes as no surprise that Odièle's discreet celebrity following epitomises the modern hard working, at the top of her game, effortlessly stylish. Anna Chlumsky, Roxanne Mesquida, Katie Sturino, Christine Taylor, Natalia Dyer are among the brand's quiet celebrity clientele.

 Odièle is the future of hydration.



Meet Marie-Josée

I have worked passionately with complexions and dedicated my life making people look and feel beautiful for over 20 years. As a makeup artist in the fashion industry, I've seen all kinds of skin conditions: dry, oily, combination, dermatitis, acne, red patches, flaky, inflamed, itchy, rosacea, abused, tired, exhausted… you name it. I also learned that the solution for beautiful skin is simpler than you would think. The biggest problem I find is that we tend to scrub, exfoliate, and overdo it with abrasive chemical treatments, when really we should go easy on our skin, and be gentle with it.

 Through personal experience, I came to the conclusion that less is more when it comes to radiant skin. Working in the industry, I was also guilty of overusing harsh treatments on my skin, for a long time. It’s difficult not to, when so many traditional beauty brands and pharmaceutical lines are telling us to do more to be beautiful, when really we should be doing less. Eventually, my skin was exhausted and couldn't take it any longer. I had tried everything, and I didn’t look or feel like myself.

 I looked to the past, and remembered my grandmother. She would wash her face with a warm washcloth and then use a few drops of oil to moisturize. That was her skin routine, and she had the most flawless, ageless skin. Inspired by her simple approach, I decided it was time for a change.

 So began my quest to find a simple, nourishing facial cream, without harsh chemicals and abrasive perfumes. I looked everywhere, and came up empty handed. Everything, even “natural” products, contained hidden fragrances, chemical fillers, and synthetic ingredients that I could not understand or pronounce. At that moment, I decided to create Odièle. My skin and I were not getting any younger, and I needed a nourishing, deeply hydrating moisturizer right away. So did the models sitting in my makeup chair – their skin endures constant abuse, day-in and day-out. They needed help, too.

 I researched precious organic oils from around the world, each unique with different healing qualities, and experimented with blends to formulate a serum that would penetrate, hydrate, and nourish the skin. I tested my product on myself, and on the many women I work with everyday. After four years of careful formulation, Odièle was born. I saw beautiful results across the board – sebum production stabilized, inflammation and dryness disappeared, fine lines and wrinkles reduced. And, our skin showed more elasticity and youth as the serum started to promote collagen production. I formulated the best moisturizer I could ever dream of for myself, and for all the beautiful women and men sitting in my chair. Now I am proud to share the gift of organic active botanicals with you!

                 It's a privilege to be entrusted with your beauty. Merci!                

    Marie-Josée Leduc