Our Powerhouse Ingredients

*Rosehip seed Oil: Rosehip seed oil is truly an amazing product, light amber in color, it is considered a “dry” oil, meaning that it soaks into the skin easily, and does not leave a greasy residue. This unique oil is extremely high in essential fatty acids and has carried much respect amongst professional journals and organizations as being a great agent in the fight against dry, weathered, and dehydrated skin. It works wonders on scars and is the predominant oil used for treating wrinkles and premature aging. It is a wonderful hydrator and penetrates dry or damaged skin immediately. ▼
*Argan Oil: This rare and exquisite oil is meticulously pressed from the fruit kernels of the Moroccan Argan tree. Alive with skin-loving nutrients, Argan oil helps to heal and is said to protect from the signs of aging. Argan oil is light and easily absorbed into the skin, making it a crucial ingredient in nourishing and hydrating skin care products. Argan oil contains tocopherols and phenols, carotenes, squaline and fatty acids, making it a truly luxurious oil. Used on the skin, it delivers deep hydration and helps to prevent blemishes. ▼
*Evening Primrose Oil: Evening primrose oil has proven to be a valuable treatment choice for people suffering from skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. Studies published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science have even shown that evening primrose oil can help with age-related structural and functional changes in skin tissues, such as redness, firmness, roughness, and fatigue resistance.  Its major active ingredient is gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), of which the oil contains between 7% and 10%. ▼
*Pomegranate seed Oil: Aka nectar of the Goddesses is a luxurious and deeply penetrating oil from the cold pressed organic seeds of pomegranate fruit. Deeply nourishing to the outer epidermal layer, pomegranate seed oil provides powerful anti-oxidant benefits for numerous skin ailments, and fends off free radicals to keep skin aging at bay. It also provides protection against sun damage. Pomegranate oil contains a human compatible form of pro-estrogen which supports hormonal balance in both men and women. This helps to improve the texture of the skin with collagen production. 

*It takes over 200 pounds of fresh pomegranates seeds to produce just one pound of pomegranate seed oil.▼

*Jojoba Oil: Non-greasy natural anti-oxidant, wonderful for your skin because it has absorption properties like our skin’s own sebum. Jojoba oil comes from the beans of a shrub like plant and it is actually a liquid plant wax. It is bright and golden in color, has a mild odor, and is favored in the carrier oil family because of its advanced molecular stability. Jojoba oil may become cloudy and solidify as the temperature drops. This is a normal process that occurs from the hardening of the fats and waxes and it will become stable at or around room temperature. ▼
*Sweet Almond Oil: Raw & unrefined exceptionally rich in fatty acids as well as vitamins A and E. Soothes, softens, re-conditions and penetrates easily into the skin. ▼
*Apricot Kernel Oil: At the core of the apricot pit is the kernel, and this is what is used to produce this exquisite oil. The high Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) content present in apricot oil enables your skin to maintain its moisture balance. This acid also helps tone and firm up your skin. The Vitamin A and Vitamin E present in apricot oil slow down the signs of aging. Since this oil contains anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used to soothe minor skin conditions, like eczema. Unlike other oils that stay on the surface of the skin, apricot kernel oil is quickly absorbed by your skin, which helps lubricate it internally. ▼

*Rose Geranium Hydrosol: Hydrosols are pure floral waters created from the steam distillation of fresh, aromatic plants. It has a sweet floral, rosy/green scent that been shown to have anti-depressant benefits as it is traditionally used to calm and uplift.   Anti-inflammatory and cooling, rose geranium is useful for skin conditions where heat and/or redness are present: menopausal hot flashes, rosacea, sunburns, inflammation, rash, or insect bites. As a humectant it attracts moisture to the skin, refreshes the skin, and is the hydrosol of choice for mature complexions.  Rose Geranium hydrosol tones and hydrates all skin types and is excellent for combination, sensitive, or overactive skin. It is considered to have balancing properties which makes it a powerhouse for our skin sebum production. I use it for daily face mist. On very hot days, I keep a bottle in the fridge to cool off. ▼


Vitamin E: Natural anti-oxidant & preservative. Prevents water loss from the skin, and helps it to retain its natural moisture. Thus, it makes dull, dry skin look healthy and well-moisturized. Using vitamin E oil on the skin may reduce free radical damage (including wrinkles) caused by sun exposure, smoking, and alcohol intake. Vitamin E may also reduce the appearance of fine lines by increasing the production of collagen, a substance that keeps the skin elastic; and by aiding the growth and regeneration of skin cells. It’s particularly beneficial for brown spots caused by sunlight.  Our natural Vitamin E oil is obtained by vacuum distillation of vegetable fats derived from non-GMO soy sources. 
*Sweet Orange Oil: Orange essential oil is shown to promote the production of collagen as well as increase the blood flow to the skin. It is helpful at soothing dry, irritated skin as well as acne-prone skin The antioxidant nature of this oil helps to lower the signs of premature aging and in clearing the clogged pores.  ▼
*Rosemary Oil: Rosemary oil has antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities that make it beneficial in efforts to eliminate eczema, dermatitis, oily skin and acne. Topical application of this essential oil or regular massage with the oil helps in toning your skin and removing dryness. It can also give your skin a healthy even glow when regularly applied. ▼
*Lavender Oil: According to dermatologists and aroma therapists, lavender essential oil is one of the most beneficial oils in the treatment of acne. Lavender essential oil inhibits the bacteria that cause the initial infection, helps to regulate some of the over-excretion of sebum by hormonal manipulation and can reduce the signs of scarring after the acne has begun to heal.  ▼
*Rosemary Antioxidant Extract: The organic Rosemary antioxidant remains the number one choice for the natural preservation of handmade cosmetics. Its concentrated nature allows you to use sparingly with effective results. To create this wonderful antioxidant, whole fresh Rosemary leaf is put through a supercritical CO2 extraction process. This method helps to maintain the integrity of the base constituents of the oil.▼
*Palmarosa Oil: Palmarosa oil moisturizes the skin, while balancing the hydration levels and stimulating cell regeneration. It balances production of sebum, to keep the skin supple and elastic and is valuable for use with acne, dermatitis, preventing scarring, rejuvenating and regenerating the skin, as well as fighting minor skin infections.▼
*Rose Oil

They say that perfume was an essential part of Cleopatra’s life.

It's fascinating to imagine that when Julius Caesar or Marcus Aurelius travelled miles to lie down in her bed they were guided by a delicate fragrance veil created especially for them. When these historical powerful men, whom we know from stone sculptures and monuments took off their armor and put their nose in the neck of the Queen of the Nile… they were embraced by the scent of… roses. Cleopatra used fresh roses. It is said that she slept with rose petals in her bed and sprinkled them all over the house while waiting for her lovers. Her beloved Marcus Aurelius is said to have been welcomed by Cleopatra on a ship with rose perfumed sails.

Bulgarian Rose Oil, or Rose Damask, is the essential oil extracted from the petals of one of the rarest flowers in the world, the Bulgarian Rose Damascena; which is only cultivated and harvested in the Bulgarian Rose Valley. It is one of the best oils to give you shining, fresh and youthful skin. Its aroma keeps you charged and feeling sexy, sensuous, seductive and happy.  It takes 300 Bulgarian roses to make one bottle of Odièle Rose Sérum.
*Lemongrass Oil: The compounds that make up lemongrass essential oil are known to have anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Lemongrass essential oil is a source of essential vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, folate and vitamin C. It also provides essential minerals such as magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, copper, potassium, calcium, zinc and iron. One major lemongrass essential oil benefit is its skin healing properties. Lemongrass oil is an effective cleanser for all skin types; its antiseptic and astringent properties make lemongrass oil perfect for getting even and glowing skin. It can sterilize your pores, serve as a natural toner, and strengthen your skin tissues.▼
*Grapefruit Oil: Like the fruit itself, the essential oil of Grapefruit is rich in antioxidants. Primarily, it has a wealth of Vitamin C.  This vitamin, combined with the other antioxidant components present in grapefruit essential oil, boosts our immune system and fights against the activity of free radicals such as pollution and UV light damage. This oil is effective in protecting the body from all harm done by various oxidants and toxins, including premature aging, and degeneration of tissues. It helps in fighting bacteria and greasiness that can cause acne blemishes.▼
*Witch hazel: is a topical astringent derived from the bark and leaves of Hamamelis virginiana, the common North American witch-hazel shrub. Native Americans have long recognized the medicinal properties of witch hazel and used a decoction of the boiled plant parts to treat skin irritations.  High concentrations of tannins in witch hazel make it an excellent astringent which means it has the ability to remove excess oil from skin and shrink down pores.  Health-wise, those who are exposed to lots of environmental pollutants may apply witch hazel to the face in order to reduce the amount of contaminants that enter pores and, consequently, the amount and severity of blemishes.  Also, because astringents remove excess oil, regular use of witch hazel may further prevent blemishes, especially black heads which result from dried sebum build-up in pores. Commercial Witch Hazel extracts usually contain more alcohol than actual witch hazel, and have only been distilled once. However, the organic Witch Hazel extract used by Odièle is superior in both quality and potency. Our true witch hazel extract has been double distilled, and contains 86% witch hazel extract and only 14% alcohol.▼
 *Lemon essential oil: Lemon oil is a good remedy for restoring the luster of dull skin. It is an astringent and detoxifying in nature and rejuvenates sagging and tired-looking skin. Its antiseptic properties helps in treating pimples and other skin disorders and takes care of reducing excess oil on the skin.▼
*Tea tree: Oil, also known as melaleuca, is well-known for its powerful antiseptic properties and ability to treat wounds, which is why it's one of the top antibacterial essential oil. It's perfect for acne prone skin, treating eczema and relieving psoriasis. I always have a bottle of this powerhouse  in my cabinet.▼
*Aloe Vera: Aloe vera has been used for a host of purposes since the ancient Egyptians called it the “plant of immortality.” It's a magical medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years. It originates from the Arabian Peninsula. Aloe leaves secrete a clear gel that when broken off from the rest of the plant that can be applied topically to heal wounds and soothe skin.  Aloe Vera helps with sunburn through its powerful healing activity at the epithelial level of the skin, a layer of cells that cover the body. It acts as a protective layer on the skin and helps replenish its moisture. Because of its nutritional qualities and antioxidant properties, the skin heals quicker. ▼
*Ylang Ylang: Essential oil comes from the flower petals of the large, tropical Ylang Ylang tree. Ylang Ylangs means "flower of flowers"  It has a sweet, naturally rich floral scent that is up-lifting. The oil is exquisite for balancing excess oil production. Its anti-inffammatory and antiseptic properties soothes skin irritation and alleviates breakouts. ps. Ylang Ylang is a natural aphrodisiac.▼
* Olive oil: Homer once described olive oil as ‘liquid gold,’ a term that still resonates with many. We all know that olive oil is one of the healthiest vegetable oils. Not only can you consume this nutritious food and receive numerous benefits, you can also use it to boost the nutrient value of your beauty products, as we have done with Odièle.
Olive oil contains three major antioxidants: vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols. Antioxidants when topically applied, may help protect the skin from premature skin aging. Vitamin E partly accounts for the anti-aging benefits of olive oil because it helps restore skin smoothness and protects against ultraviolet light. Hydroxytyrosol, a rather rare compound found in olive oil, also prevents free radical damage to the skin. Serving as a carrier for our vitamin E ▼
*Sunflower Oil: The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits of Sunflower oil is evidently strong as the oil high in Omega-6 (linoleic) fatty acid along with Vitamin E decreases inflammation in the skin (i.e., acne, dermatitis, sunburns) and helps soothe the skin redness and roughness. A great source of vitamin A, D, and E, the oil acts as an emollient that traps moisture inside our skin cells. Therefore, it keeps the skin hydrated for longer period. It's an Anti-Aging power house more
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