Blue Tansy

I absolutely adore blue tansy. This little-known herb is a gorgeous true azure flower (part of the Asteraceae family) which grows wild in the Mediterranean and parts of Africa. It's extracted via steam distillation to capture the power of its long-lasting, deep, woody essential oil. Blue tansy is my favorite secret weapon when it comes to managing problematic skin; its ability to manage sebum production, and support cell regeneration is unparalleled. Blue tansy helps the skin detoxify from a buildup of harmful chemicals, it helps to reduce inflammation caused by environmental pollution, and it smooths and clarifies the skin, while bringing a radiance back to your complexion. It's also great for treating acne and decongesting the skin. I can tell you that it’s an absolute must for mature skin such as mine.

It’s a treat in every way. The complex floral aroma has its balancing points with the honey-sweet undertones making the experience incredibly soothing. A few drops of this exotic oil is all you need for winding down after a long day , its mighty power will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed – kind of like you just had a vacation to a tropical island without ever having to get up from home.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the magic of blue tansy essential oil. And for good reason! This blue beauty oil is not only one of the most vibrational oils out there, but it’s also an holistic way to support feelings of calm and relaxation, as well as help better our sleep. In traditional Chinese médecine blue tansy is the go to antihistamine to reduce nasal congestion.

Chamazulene is a main constituent in Blue Tansy essential oil, and it is the compound responsible for Blue Tansy’s signature blue color. Essential oils are complex essences formed from various plant materials that contain aromatic compounds. The chemical constituents contained in essential oils play an indispensable role in determining their characteristics. Attributes of essential oils such as their biological activity, color, aroma, viscosity, and volatility are all due to the constituents they contain. For example, the distinct lemony smell in Lemon essential oil is due to one of its main constituents, limonene . 

Skin benefits: Blue Tansy oil is an anti-inflammatory essential oil that not only calms anxiety and reduces feelings of stress or overwhelm, but also has natural antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Blue Tansy oil is made from the flower of the North African Blue Tansy plant and is noted for its extreme antioxidant power. It helps to protect the skin from premature aging, can also help to relieve acne and fade scars seven times more quickly than without it.

*Featured in our Fig and Lavender cleanser