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We are deeply grateful to all of you who have ordered and shared Odièle with friends and loved ones. Our small company is run on organic word of mouth. We are here because of your love for Luxurious, Effective, Eco-conscious Skincare.

Odièle Rose Sérum

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Argan / Argania Spinosa

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Rosehip seeds / Rosa Rubiginosa

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Evening primrose / Oenothera Biennis

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I have 175 skincare products, but here's what I use every day.

Zoe, Beauty Editor of Well and Good

And I just got into this face oil called Odièle. One of my makeup artists created it, and it's incredible.

Anna Chlumsky, Award-Winning Actor

In a chemically-filled cosmetic world, your serum is everything I never knew I wanted and more. Thank you!

Jill K.

I was worried my skin would look dull this winter as it usually does. Well, no more, my skin is glowing!

Susan D.

I used your rose serum to break by son's cradle cap. Worked like a charm. Finally all gone! 

Emily S.

This is my ride-or-die, desert island product. I seriously love this product so much and I am always applying it, especially in these winter months anytime my skin looks a little flat.

Katie, The 12ish Style

My skin is so sensitive that even sensitive skin products turn it red! But Odièle’s White Geranium Toner really appeases it. I can immediately feel its calming effect whenever I feel my skin being reactive. It cools it down and makes me feel refreshed — I love it! 

Aurelie J.

I seriously can't believe how much my skin improved after starting Odièle! It's a miracle.

Sarah T.

I am absolutely in love with your Rose Serum. My skin has never felt so good.

Song H.