"The only flakes I'll be seeing this winter are snowflakes."

Festive season is on full-throttle. It is the time of year to cozy up by the fire place with a hot chocolate, have many wonderful nights with your family and friends. Fill yourself with comfort food favorites, and embrace the moment of now. Cherish these joyful times filled with merry spirits, love, and happiness.

 Rose Sérum
Our Rose Sérum is a powerful cocktail of essential fatty acids loaded with vitamins and minerals that infuse the skin with essential nutrients. This bioactive phytonutrient dense face oil restores and reinforces the integrity of your skin’s lipid barrier. Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory, our Rose Sérum increases energy production in skin cells, promotes anti-oxidant protection and works its magic by increasing hydration retention levels of the skin.

Rosemary Toner
A powerful, yet gentle, blend of organic ingredients to combat excess sebum-production, acne-causing bacteria, residual makeup, and pollution molecules. This astringent’s antimicrobial qualities tackle eczema and dermatitis. The tonic’s essential oils sterilize the pores, strengthen skin tissue, and leave the skin glowing. The result: this potent formula activates collagen production, stimulates blood flow, and increases the skin’s vitamin C absorption.

White Géranium Toner
An organic tonic that soothes the skin, whilst delivering potent whole-plant-derived bioactives for cell-restoration. This exquisite and fine mist is formulated to balance skin pH, combat skin irritations, and promote cell growth. The result: this antimicrobial formula stimulates blood flow and controls sebum production. Its healing properties are perfect for sensitive- rosacea-prone skin.