Good Things Come In Small Batches

by Marie-Josée Leduc

Small Batch Beauty is Our Commitment to You

At Odiele we know that you have lots of choices when It comes to shopping for your skincare needs but let me share with you one of the MANY reasons why you won’t need to look further than here.

Our commitment to small batch beauty processes is the secret sauce to what makes our products so exquisite. But what exactly is the big difference between small batch and mass produced? Everything from quality, concentration of each ingredient and sustainability. These are all areas where Odiele will never compromise which is why we employ the painstaking labor of love to add each individual drop of precious oils and botanicals one by one into each and every bottle of our Rose Sérum.  

When products are mass produced however, you cannot guarantee that each end product has the same formulation nor quality of ingredients. Mass produced means mass bulk supply of ingredients are required. When working with organic ingredients, they don’t have the same shelf life as conventionally grown ingredients therefore causing them to lose their potency and effectiveness when bought in bulk (which also makes it cheaper). At Odiele, because we source our organic ingredients only in small batches, the cost is significantly more expensive but the end result is worth it and we thank you for sharing how much this means to you!

When it comes to your skin and your health, we believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise and our promise to you is that we will never change our processes of small batch beauty and continue to deliver you a premium product that will remain a holy grail item in your personal care regimen for many years to come!