Q & A


 Is Odièle Rose Sérum a serum or a facial oil? 

Odièle Rose Sérum is literally a 3 in 1 product. A facial oil, a serum and a primer that delivers potent ingredients to the skin, that penetrate and renew with the efficacy of a serum. Rose Sérum can stand alone as a powerful source of daily hydration and skin nutrition. Odièle Rose Sérum is your ultimate multi-correctional serum.

Why Organic? 

 Organic active botanicals are Odièle’s promise. Odièle was born because Marie-Josée wanted an all-natural skincare regimen for herself, and for her clients, and could not find what she was looking for in the market. Even the natural options either compromised through the use of non-organic ingredients, or the use of hidden chemical fillers. She learned that the skin is the body’s largest organ, and wanted to create a clean and healthy product that is both safe to absorb into the skin, and an effective beauty treatment. Because she no longer wanted any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and synthetic additives on her face, she chose only the purest organic ingredients. Odièle’s unwavering commitment to providing 100% organic skincare is a worthwhile investment, and Marie-Josée will never change the organic integrity of her formula for the sake of profit. She and the models she works with every day have enjoyed incredible results through Odièle, and she is delighted to share this exquisite gift of nature with you.

How do I use Odièle Rose Sérum in my daily life? 

Very simple. Make it a ritual of hydration for yourself. In the morning and at night, after cleansing and while your skin is still slightly damp, place three to five drops of Odièle Rose Sérum into the palm of your hand, and gently rub the hands together. Using your fingers, gently massage the serum onto your face. The massage will promote blood circulation and will help with the absorption of the vital nutrients and vitamins contained in the serum. Please indulge in this ritual daily for maximum effect. The scent of the rose will have a calming and invigorating effect on you. Close your eyes and let yourself relax for those precious minutes you so deserve. 

Does Odièle Rose Sérum works for rosacea? 

Our unique and complex formula of organic active botanicals is designed to treat inflammation naturally, and to ease imbalances in the skin. Many of our clients have shared with us that using Odièle Rose Sérum daily has addressed their rosacea with more success than industrial creams and prescribed lotions.

 I have very dry skin can I use my moisturizer in combination with Odièle Rose Sérum?  

Yes, if your skin requires extra hydration apply Odièle Rose Sérum first, then follow with your moisturizer. It's always a good idea to try to figure out why we have dry skin. Is the cause environmental, lifestyle choices or hormonal?  Perhaps, just slowing down with harsh cleansers that strips your own protective oil right off and leave your skin extremely dry and vulnerable~ can be a start. 

Can I use Odièle for eye contour treatment? 

Yes, absolutely. Gently massage our serum around the contour of your eyes, taking special care to avoid the oils entering the eye. Your skin will absorb it within a few minutes.   

Can I use Odièle Rose Sérum if I have acne? 

Yes, our Rose Sérum contain many healing oils such as rose essential oil, rosemary essential oil and sweet orange oil all beneficial is your are prone to acne. 

Can I use Odièle Rose Sérum with makeup? 

Yes! Marie-Josée is a makeup artist for the fashion industry, and designs her products to work beautifully with makeup. For every photoshoot, she preps the models’ skin with Odièle Rose Sérum for glowing results. She massages three to five drops into her client’s face, and then applies makeup. The combination creates a gorgeous, healthy, dewy look. Sometimes she even skips the foundation—with regular use, Odièle Rose Sérum is enough.   

Is your skincare line vegan? 

Yes, our entire line is vegan, gluten free, and animal-friendly. We never test on animals! 

What's the Sérum shelfs life and where should I store it? 

Commercial skincare has an average shelf life of 3+ years, because of all the chemical preservatives and additives. By contrast, Odièle, is made of fresh, active ingredients only, giving it a shorter shelf life. For ideal efficacy, our serum should be used within twelve months of opening, and kept in a dark, cool place.  If you use the serum twice daily as recommended, you will be ready for a new bottle by the time the shelf life ends. 

Are you making more products?

Yes,  wonderful new products are being created and will be available for you to experience very soon. Stay tuned.