Vitamin E

I cannot emphasize enough how important of an ingredient Vitamin E is in skincare.  Vitamin E fights off *free radicals on the skin, which are a result of daily environmental stressors like unprotected sun exposure and air pollution, etc... In fighting off free radicals, vitamin E helps protect the skin from damage.

 Vitamin E has moisturizing and healing benefits, and helps to strengthen skin barrier function, which by default also reduce the appearance of fine lines by increasing the production of collagen, a substance that keeps the skin elastic; and by aiding the growth and regeneration of skin cells. Basically, it's an all-around powerhouse of a vitamin. Vitamin E is also a natural anti-inflammatory, so it can be soothing and help calm the skin, It's also good for hydrating skin, and serves as a moderately effective natural barrier to the sun. 

This natural *antioxidant prevents oxidative damage to cells (water loss from the skin, and helps it to retain its natural moisture.) Thus, it makes dull, dry skin look healthy and well-moisturized. 

Our natural Vitamin E is derived from soybean oil (Non GMO) We explicitly chose soy because of its powerful composition extra rich in delta and gamma tocopherols. The ultimate choice for antioxidant result.

*Free radicals are on a destructive path so they are ready and willing to snatch an electron from anything that comes in its path, including DNA, skin proteins, connective tissues, and cell membranes.
*Featured in our Rose Sérum