Our mission

Odièle skin treats are produced in limited quantities at a time to ensure an uncompromised potency and sustained effervescence. Each product is bottled with care and by hand at our atelier nestled between mountains and rivers. Welcome to Odièle!

The promise of our products

 From seed to bottle, our products follow the most natural process. We create products that are free of preservatives and harsh chemicals - we honour the integrity of the plant. All our ingredients come from natural resources and small businesses without compromise on sustainable farming practices. Odièle promises to support smaller businesses as well as a product assortment that encompasses sustainability for the Earth we live in. We do not follow industry pricing strategies. These traditional pricing models create unwholesome profit margins for larger companies, while maintaining them with power to undermine and manipulate their suppliers, and cheapens their ingredient list - a hindrance for small businesses and your skin. Our products are made of the highest quality ingredients, and the process to which they undergo does not remove them from nature to create a chemical. We cherish the natural and the organic - our products are pure. We value and continue to follow practices that uphold and support our Earth, small business owners and transparency between my customers and myself.

The promise to our customers

Every single Odièle product is handcrafted in microbatches. I refuse to manufacture my products in ways that would be harmful to the Earth, your well-being and your skin. The larger manufacturing processes get, the larger the probability the quality of ingredients are being overlooked. I take responsibility in feeding your skin with the nutrition it deserves. My promise to you is that every Odièle product is made with the potency of untainted natural ingredients. Just as I will never compromise where I source my ingredients, I will never sell products I do not believe in.

Odièle history

 Odièle was my solution to the problem I had been seeing in the beauty industry. As a makeup artist, I would receive clients that were overpaying for “natural” products that left their skin dull, dehydrated and irritated. The detachment between the final product, and its ingredients were extremely farfetched. An ingredient, to me, is no longer deemed natural after it undergoes countless processes with a myriad of chemicals; it was with that same principle that several natural-proclaimed brands relied on to market their “natural” products. I simply could not find a product that had ingredients that would benefit my clients both in the short-term and the long-run. Natural-marketed products were not actually natural, and I had seen first-hand their detrimental effects on the skin. After tirelessly researching the chemicals in these products, while compulsively scouting for products that I believed delivered results without compromising on its ingredients did I decide to create my own skincare line. After years of research, I started to source my own botanicals to create products that would benefit my clients and saw the results my natural line delivered. I had clients, friends and family coming back to me with requests for more. At that moment I knew I had to introduce Odièle to all.  I named Odièle in honor of my grandmother. 

Meet Marie Josée

As far back as I can remember, I have always created beauty concoctions in some shape or form. Whether it was as an 8 years old little girl trying to create French perfume potions with flowers picked from my grandmother's garden or tinkering with my first serum, it just feels like a part of my DNA.

Making people feel beautiful

It has been my good fortune that my career which has spanned over 20 years as a makeup artist was also my passion that led me to start my skincare line. During those years I developed an intimate knowledge of skin types working with thousands of women and men from all over the world. I dedicated my professional life to making people look and feel beautiful while gaining valuable hands-on experience dealing with everyday skin conditions. This was required as part of my responsibility to prepare models, actors and other people to be captured by an unforgiving camera. Working daily I noticed over time that many of the synthetic-heavy skincare regimens they—and I — were following, were doing more harm than good. Many of them were dealing with skin that was sensitive, dry, flaky, irritated, oily, and congested while also being prone to dermatitis, breakouts, inflammation, acne, and rosacea. These conditions were present even though we were all using common and well-known skincare products but the reality was not as advertised. What I saw was under-nourished, dehydrated, and dull looking skin over and over again – including when I looked in the mirror. Many traditional beauty brands tell us to use more to achieve their beauty ideals, when my real-life experience revealed that we should do the opposite and concentrate on a few natural and, when possible, organic products that are effective. I looked to the past, and remembered my grandmother ~the quintessential, effortless French women who would simply wash her face with a warm washcloth, using a few drops of exotic oil to moisturize and if need be, to individually problem solve, using a blend of herbs and flower essences to soothe her skin breakouts. That was her skin routine and she had the most flawless, ageless skin. Her simple, natural, and French laissez-faire approach resonated with me. At that moment I decided it was time for a change and to go back to my roots.

How I became a formulator

I set out on a quest to find a simple and nourishing commercial facial moisturizer, sans harsh chemicals and abrasive perfumes. My search took me in many directions however nothing met my purist standard and I came up empty. Everything considered, even “natural” products, contained hidden fragrances, chemical fillers, and synthetic stabilizers that brought on headaches. Rather than accept defeat with chemical based products I decided to create the Odièle skin care line. I needed a gentle, nourishing and deeply hydrating skincare now and so did the women and men sitting in my makeup chair asking me for help as their skin was enduring constant abuse, day-in and day-out. Over years of botany study and intense apothecary research; learning each plant’s unique healing qualities, experimenting with blends to formulate a potent blend for myself, then friends, then clients, actors, and models… Odièle was born. I saw results across the board – sebum production stabilized, inflammation and dryness disappeared, fine lines and wrinkles reduced. And, the skin showed more elasticity and youth as the serum started to promote collagen production. I formulated the best skincare I could ever dream of for myself, my friends and you.