plum kernel oil

Did you know that these delicious fruits date back all the way from Ancient Roman times? Ancient Rome accounts mention 300 varieties of European plums in existence. Today we have over 2,000 different varieties of these juicy delectable fruit.

Rich in natural antioxidants, the nutritive plum oil renews dull skin leaving it feeling supple and glowing. This miracle ingredient helps to hydrate and revitalize the skin, while protecting it from damaging environmental factors. Antioxidant vitamin C helps to protect your skin from free radicals, plum oil also contains a high amount of fatty acids which are essential for the formation of new cells and aids in regenerating damaged tissue. Antioxidant Vitamin C acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce redness and irritation, Plum oil is plentiful in fatty acids that help improve dry skin.

The oil extracted from the seeds of ripe plums is one of the most nourishing for the skin, this vitalizing and regenerating oil is composed to 98% of triglycerides of fatty acids, oligo-elements and vitamins.
Our precious organic plum oil is always Cold Pressed and has the most sumptuous sweet Almond Marzipan like scent that is simply intoxicating! It has a unique yellow orange color palette that is exquisite in hue in the most dreamy way. This luxurious oil is rich in omega, fatty acids, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E that is well known for providing much needed relief and nutrition for stressed, irritated, dry skin, especially for those with eczema and psoriasis.


Skin Benefits: high in antioxidants that help minimize the signs of aging; hydrates and moisturizes skin to maintain a healthy  natural skin barrier, effectively regenerates skin cells, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, and has incredible emollient properties which softens and soothes the skin.


       *Featured in our upcoming Fig and Lavender cleanser