We're the ultimate multitasker. All you need in one product.

We are absolutely ecstatic to hear your amazing responses to our products. We, at Odièle, work tirelessly to perfect our formulas - that is why our product range is much smaller than others. Unlike other brands that want to maximize their product offerings to make more money, my only goal with Odièle is to provide others the skincare I have always dreamed of. After all, I made the Rose Sérum for myself, but after it being such a success with my clients - they wanted to start buying my formula!

"If I were stranded in the Arctic, this is the one skin-care product I’d bring with me. It’s made with a mix of antioxidants and oils that soothes and hydrates skin so beautifully that it’s often the only thing I use in my routine in the winter. Plus, it smells so good that people stop me to tell me how good my face smells."
Zoe Weiner

My Rose Sérum on its own, fulfills all the functions of a serum, a moisturizer, and even a primer as it’s formulated to lock in moisture in your skin by also providing a protective barrier that hydrates your skin – without clogging your pores!

Specially at this time of year, our skin needs to be delivered enough hydration, and nutrients to maintain it from becoming dehydrated or dry. Other than moisture, we also need the necessary ingredients to maintain our lipid barrier healthy. You can put on as much moisturizer as your skin can handle, but if your lipid barrier is not healthy, none of this hydration will actually benefit your skin.